Tomáš Schmidt

Analyst, GIS specialist, musician

Dear visitors! Welcome to my official website, currently it is still in progress so I apologize for any mistakes which you may find :(

Hello visitors! whichever the reason which brought you here, I hope that you can find here something interesting for you, something what may help you or something that you may like ;)

Here is brief introduction about my study and experiences:


Previews from digital cartography

Example of the web map application which is displaying the spatial deployment of ATM machines in Bratislava including additional spatial layers

On this example it is possible to see how easy it is to display our own data on the Openstreetmap map layers. All displayed data is real which is displaying ATM machines of the most significant banks in Bratislava city. other data available here are highlighting important buildings in Bratislava plus population density in 2011. To display full screen map click here.

Embedding external web map application

Adding external web map application on website could be easier than you expected! Some applications allow us to embed and share content directly through the "tag" which can be easily added into the website source code: <iframe> eg.

Quality assessment of digital elevation model

Comprehensive design methodology for quality evaluation of digital elevation models including information of available technical standards that deals with evaluation of the quality of geographic data you can find in my master theses in publications section.


Geographical analysis and applications

Nowadays exists really advanced GIS technologies which allow us to work with spatial data at advanced level (and now I am not talking only about commercial technologies but opensource like GRASS GIS, QGIS, ...) One of the ways how to automate processes like running programs of the GRASS GIS technology according to the way how we want, could be done through operation system Linux and the very powerful shell program.

Examples of automated GIS projects: